London System

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The London System is a solid queen pawn opening for White characterized by the following set up:

  • The queen bishop (dark square bishop – DSB) is extremely important to White, and will escape to h2 when necessary.
  • Depending upon Black response, White will will follow up with c2-c3, Nbd7, or c2-c4, and Nc3.
  • White will typically delay castling until his initial set up is complete.
  • White will try to prevent Black playing …e5. If Black plays …e5, White tries to capture e5.
  • When Black plays …g6, White plays Nc3 to support an eventual move to e4.
  • Play e3 and h4!? when Black plays …d5.
  • Meet …c5 with Nb5.
  • Use e5! E.g., Nf3 followed by Ne5

Black plays …g6

Example Games